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This Belgian-designed M1895 Nagant was made in the USSR in 1932. It is unusual in two features: a double-action with side-gate loading, and gas seal cylinder which produced higher velocities at cost of greater complexity. Because it has no cylinder gap at firing, and because its bullet is subsonic, the Nagant is one of the few revolvers which can be suppressed. Made in peace time, it is fairly accurate. Two pictures at the bottom of the page show a 1941-vintage revolver fitted with a 32ACP cylinder. Although that cartridge doe not produce a proper gas seal, it permits practice with the more readily available ammunition than the original Nagant cartridge. This combination has poor accuracy, and the rough trigger exacerbates the problem. For more info, try the 1895 Nagant site.

An 1892 French 8mm revolver (right) shows a loading gate, as well as a different, unusal cylinder lock-up. It was a robust weapon chambering a reasonably useful round (120 grain bullet at 750fps).



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