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P32 weighs about one-third of a 2" .38 Special revolver or a traditional semi-automatic pistol of the same caliber (.32). It is half as thick than either of those choices and somewhat smaller in other dimensions as well. In fact, although slightly longer, P32 weighs less than even .22 and .25 Colt Vest Pocket, Baby Browning, NAA Mini-revolvers or Walther TPH, all traditional choices for hideout pistols.

Because of its tiny size, the gun can be concealed anyplace a standard wallet can fit. You are not likely to tire out lugging its 6-ounce heft. Plastic frame may have less tactile appeal than steel used in older mouseguns, but it does reduce the weight considerably.

The holster down here was made by Jack Fuselier. I highly recommend it for comfortable fit and sturdy construction.

Speaking of your wallet, this tool won't leave too much of a dent in it. The pistol with one magazine sells for $230 retail. Magazines cost $17 each. For comparison, NAA Guardian sells for about $450 with two magazines and Seecamp for around $700. Kel-tec will sell parts and accessories directly.

Try fitting a VCR remote control in your pocket: now consider that P32 is even smaller and lighter.

If you ever carry a cell phone, note that this weapon is even easier to keep handy. It may take a couple of seconds to draw from concealment, but that compared favorably with the half-hour 911 would take to respond.

We may also surmise that an assailant would be unlikely to let you dial and talk to police uninterrupted. When a gun amplifies your request to be left in peace, the plea is more likely to be honored promptly.

Those of you who already carry a larger handgun might appreciate that it weighs and takes up less space than a spare 10-round magazine for a 9mm pistol. For many people, it is the way to be "armed when they are unarmed."

And, finally, the obligatory comparison to a pack of smokes.

This gun is compact. Does it pack more punch than a harsh word?

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